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The Art of Mixing Beer

We all love beer. Especially during the summer  months, we all enjoy drinking it. I never trough about mixing it into some kind of cocktail but after reading this article i wish to try at least a few of them. Since the summer is here, some of the listed mix-ups will be the great refreshment for the warm days to come. Scroll down and enjoy the delicious combinations. As you can see one of the main role in the article is Irish Guiness Beer, which is great for mixing and drinking… There are a lot other types and kinds so i hope everybody can satisfy their tastes… If you are interested in some specific recipe, just click on the source link and you will be able to check out the full list. Enjoy 🙂

Black velvet

Mix one part Guiness and one part sparkling wine. Check the full guide for this recipe here.


Mix-up the lime, fruity brandy and the wheat beer. Check here for full recipe.


Have you ever think it is possible to mix the banana and beer? Well, try out mixing the banana juice with beer and you will enjoy in the delicious combo. Check here for full guide.


Check here for delicious Cuban light beer and gingerale delight.


The traditional English combination of lager and cider make on our list as well. Check here for the recipe.


The Diesel is snakebite combined with the blackberry currant. This makes delicious purple beer that will make you fell in love with this mash up. Source here.


The crazy spiced beer is result of mixing with the cayenne pepper and Worcestershire sauce. You can get the recipe here.


The simple lime juice and light beer combination will be your perfect refreshment for summer days. Check out recipe here.

Lemon Shandy

Not exactly the classic lemonade. The Lemon Shandy is perfect mashup for the days to come. Check here for the full guide.

Blood Orange Shandy

The traditional shandy orange twist. Recipe here.

Red Eye

The bloody marry and beer mix. Recipe here.

Black and Tan

What you’ll get if you mix probably the two best beers in the world. The result is Black and Tan and you can get the recipe here.

The Dirty Flower

The combination of wheat beer and fruit punch looks delicious. Check out full recipe here.

Guinness Cream Soda

MMmmmm, Creemy Guiness is getting even more creemy now! Check how!

Summer Hoedown

Nothing says summer better than watermelon and a cold beer! Now, just combine those two together and you will get the perfect refreshment! Find recipe here.


The beer and the whiskey. Find out how to mix them here.

Coup de Ville

Coup de Ville is love child of tequila sunrise and a beer. Check here how to make it.

Gridiron Punch

Ideal for big parties, the Gridiron punch is another fruit-punch-beer mashup.

Lambic Sangria

The sangria/beer mashup. One of the best things on this list. Recipe here.

Harvey Weissbanger

This is the Brass Monkey’s refined older sister. Find recipe here.

Cascadian Caipbeerinha

The caipirinha with beer. Recipe here.

Redneck Mother

Grapefruit juice mixed with beer create beautiful reddish color. Check out the recipe here.


The mixture of margarita and beer. Check out recipe here.


The beermarita for lasy people. Just stick an Corona in already made margarita.

Hangman’s Blood 

The Long Island iced tea of beer-tails. Recipe here.


  1. it’s bananenweizen. bananensaft (banana juice) and häferweizen

  2. black and red
    like black and tan except with guiness and killians irish red

  3. You should not mix any thing into beer except another beer.You want to put any fruit in a beer ,you are a p**** ,or you have one!

  4. When I was a teen, a black velvet was (I thought), cider and Guinness. Or more properly Champagne and Guinness. I had several hung over days before I learned not to drink too much of it 🙂

  5. bakeca sondrio says:

    mmmm yamy… i want some

  6. Seagrave says:

    It is called “Bananenweizen”, not “Bananenheizen”.
    And the only way to drink beer, is to drink beer – only beer…

  7. *Bananenweizen, with a W!

  8. the seed says:

    These recipes mixing wine and beer are just hangovers waiting to happen. “don’t mix the grain with the grape”

    BTW a real Black Velvet is vodka mixed with sweet black grape juice and a little lemon squeeze. And Red Eye is actually the name of a strong high proof bourbon. Beer is meant to be drunk as either a chaser for bourbon or by itself. If I ever saw another man drinking these sissy cocktails in a bar I would never grace the door of that place ever again.


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